Our Mission

Is to ensure children's welfare and rights are the top priority for parents, policymakers and the public-at-large.


Over the last few years there has been an increasing negative trend in the way children have been treated. There have been more reports of child suicide, bullying in school, parental neglect, parental abuse, divorce, parental abduction, parental alienation, etc. The courts, judges, police, and diet members have done little or nothing to combat this problem. So Children First plans to take the necessary action to make things better for all children living in Japan.


1) In 2006 the Japanese Supreme Court made a DVD about what parents must consider when they separate or divorce. This DVD says it is best for the child to have regular and meaningful contact with both parents. Children First would like to see Japan implement a joint custody system so both parents have regular and meaningful access to their kids.

2) Abusive parents have more rights than divorced loving parents. Often divorced parents loose all contact with their child while abusive parents retain all of their rights.  Children First wants divorced parents to have unlimited access to their kids and we want abusive parents stripped of their parental rights until they can prove they are fit to raise a child.

3) In divorce/separation cases the parent with custody often uses parental alienation (PA) to separate the bond with the left behind parent.  The parent with custody might say “if your father loved you he would send gifts or visit”, when in actuality the parent with custody is preventing these things from happening. Children First wants parents to realize the negative effects of PA.

4) Judges always rule in favor of the status quo in custody cases. They ignore evidence and destroy evidence on  a routine basis. In essence the parent that abducts the child first is the winner. Children First thinks the most reasonable parent should have custody. The parent that gets custody will be the parent that is most willing to allow the other parent unlimited access to the child.

5) Police and courts do not enforce rulings. If the judge makes a once a month visitation ruling and the parent with custody refuses to abide by the ruling the police and courts say “shoganai”, nothing can be done. Children First wants the police to fine or jail non-compliant parents and turn over custody to the other parent.

6) Japan has signed and ratified the United Nations Convention on the right of a child (UNCRC). This treaty states children have the right to be cared for by both parents and children have the right to preserve their identity and nationality.  Children First would like to see Japan abide by this treaty it has signed and ratified.

7) Bullying and suicide are far to common in Japan. We are especially concerned with the suicides that are linked to bullying in school. These deaths are tragic and preventable. Children First wants the government of Japan to take a strong stance on bullying a car insurance estimate. We want the government to educate teachers on how to combat this problem.  We want Japan to strictly follow all of the recommendations suggested in the Children’s Right Information Network annual report. Children First wants to protect all children from all forms of abuse.