Kevin Brown

     Kevin comes from America about 1 hour from Chicago. He has a Master's degree in Education and he was a certified radiologic technologist before becoming an educator. He spent several years working various hospitals caring for patients of all ages. Kevin thought that he could help more people as an educator so he left his hospital job and started teaching math and science. He wanted to help disadvantaged children so he moved to Alaska. Kevin has always had a passion for helping children become the best that they can be.

     Now, Kevin teaches and lives in Nagoya, Japan. He works for an eikaiwa and teaches English to students of all ages. He devotes all of his free time to raising awareness about children's issues. Kevin is fully aware of all of the obstacles parents face when dealing with the family court system in Japan. He is commited to helping children and protecting their rights. He is also worried about bullying in school as well as abuse and negelect. He is trying to garner public support about the need for change. He lobbies diet members when he has time. He feels schools need to get tougher on bullies and Diet members need to get tougher on abusive parents.

      Kevin founded Children First, a comprehensive advocacy group, with Craig Morrey. They recognized that chilren's rights and welfare issues need more attention. Their greatest hope is that children will become everyones top priority.