Judicial Issues

There are a number of judicial issues related to children that need addressed in Japan. One, it is customary for judges to destroy and ignore evidence. Two, Family courts are unaware of or completely ignore international law. Three, Japan has not signed the Hague Convention on the international aspects of child abduction. They are the only G-7 nation that has not signed. However, they have signed the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child. But, they refuse to enforce this treaty. The UNCRC never comes up in divorce and custody cases. Despite yearly suggestions from the United Nations Japan remains defiant, refusing to implement the changes suggested by the United Nations. According to a January 2010 CRIN report:  http://www.crin.org/resources/infoDetail.asp?ID=21760&flag=legal

1) Children of foreign Nationals do not enjoy their own languages and cultures.

2) Adequate attention has not been paid to the best interests of the child.

3) Measures against violence at schools are going against the convention.

4) Separation of child from parents goes against the best interests of the child.

5) Family reunification is in the best interests of the child.

6) Bullying continues to be a big problem.

7) Human Rights and Child Rights has gone rather backward.